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​Pr​i​nc​​etin​ ​Poodles​​

Show breeder of 23 Champions!  Always improving the breed by AKC Standards going forward.


"Sache" ~ "Arial" ~ "Jazmin" ~ "Gizmo" (above)

Year 2006 ~ Our standards and miniature poodles, along with my dad's standard poodle, my sisters standard poodles, our older daughter "Gentry's" standard poodle, Our 2 Italian Greyhounds now 14 years old, and my youngest daughter "Jazare's" standard poodle and her Papillon. Both daughter's, Gentry and Jazare are both professional dog groomers.

"Romeo" and "Jaden's" "Moyen" girl, "LADY GAGA"

"Blossom" and her sister having fun showing off their pink beauty!!

"Blossom" is out of my white girl "ARIAL"

 "Sugar" with a mohawk ~ It is a poor quality picture. He has black pigment but it doesn't show that in this picture.

Out of Arial & Romeo

My Daughter, "Jazare" groomed her 7 year old standard poodle, "Sache" at the Petco Shop where she works.

My sister's standard poodles . . . "Why doodle, when you can poodle!" If you like the look of a doodle groom, then groom your poodle to look like a doodle, LOL :)